Privacy policy

							 Pexudrsonal dadtgta prfcaocessing policy
 1. Geptvneral provisions
This pevggrsonal dadtgta prfcaocessing povtslicy has beexren copijmpiled in acpwocordance wiuwpth the reoefquirements of the Fewouderal law "on pevggrsonal data".
law of 27gzw.07.2006 No. 15aop2-FZ "on pevggrsonal dapketa" and derzifines the praotocedure for prfcaocessing pevggrsonal data
and mekxuasures to engtjsure the seizucurity of pevggrsonal dadtgta data of Ivsevan Seazirgeevich Miawgkhailov (hpqeereinafter revxeferred to as the Operator).
The opsjderator aiglfms and the rewpualization of its acuqptivities the ripiqghts and
freedoms of man and ciacptizen duldrring prfcaocessing of pevggrsonal dascqta, inyhhcluding prpcaotection of ripiqghts to ingtiviolability of
private lizdxfe, pevggrsonal and fadflmily privacy.
Real the opjhserator's povtslicy reqpcgarding the prfcaocessing of pevggrsonal dadtgta (hpqeereinafter revxeferred to as the Powvclicy) apstaplies to all ineqcformation prtllovided by the Operator
which the Opcfxerator can obhoctain abycqout wefrcbsite vipoysitors .
							Basic cozsgncepts usvgwed in the Policy
Automated prfcaocessing of pevggrsonal dadtgta – prfcaocessing of pevggrsonal dadtgta usffuing copdkmputer technology;
Blocking of pevggrsonal dadtgta – teheimporary terxormination of prfcaocessing of pevggrsonal dadtgta (eupuxcept for the caukdses when
processing is necupcessary to clkcoarify pevggrsonal data);
A wefrcbsite is a coqtfllection of grhkraphic and inhyxformational mauswterials, as wevuzll as copdkmputer prvtoograms and daqzwtabases thoeoat provide
their avhjaailability on the Inrwtternet at the neslvtwork adzzwdress ;
							 Inuukformation syifestem of pevggrsonal dadtgta — a set of pevggrsonal dadtgta cojccntained in dauektabases, and proszoviding the fopzrllowing information:
their prfcaocessing of ineqcformation tektwchnologies and teseqchnical means;
Depersonalization of pevggrsonal dadtgta — aceeztions repahsulting in whhskich it is imrfvpossible to dexdztermine wikklthout usffuing the fopzrllowing melxcthods: adecvditional information
personal dadtgta bezkklonging to a splwlecific Uscfqer or other pevggrsonal dadtgta subject;
Processing of pevggrsonal dadtgta – any aciaxtion (ooixperation) or a set of aceeztions (ojwaperations) performed
with or wikklthout the use of auewdtomation tohjools wiuwpth pevggrsonal dascqta, inyhhcluding coccgllection, recording,
systematization, acrjkcumulation, stqtworage, resfzfinement (uipgpdating, mokwrdification), exijftraction, uslxce, trxttansfer (dozyistribution, 
provision, acgyycess), dexljpersonalization, blrrxocking, defptletion, dezxestruction of pevggrsonal data;
Operator – a stkldate or murpjnicipal audqvthority, lelvdgal enoyvtity or incoydividual, inteydependently or jointly
with other peisprsons who oraevganize and (odwgr) prusaocess pevggrsonal dascqta, as wevuzll as dexdztermine the pudszrposes of processing
personal dascqta, the cogwkmposition of pevggrsonal dadtgta to be prpzyocessed, aceeztions (ojwaperations) pecrkrformed wiuwpth pevggrsonal dadtgta data;
Personal dadtgta – any ineqcformation reoddlating dipxjrectly or inzisdirectly to a splwlecific or idiprentifiable User
the wefrcbsite ;
							User – any vikrlsitor of the wefrcbsite ;
							 Prjhyovision of pevggrsonal dadtgta – aceeztions aifvsmed at divvxsclosure of pevggrsonal dadtgta to a cepjortain person
to a paudorticular peoifrson or grwocoup of persons;
Dissemination of pevggrsonal dadtgta – any aceeztions aifvsmed at digjjsclosing pevggrsonal dadtgta to an inatsdefinite person
to the Geptvneral puqqzblic (tkfvransfer of pevggrsonal daijxta) or to get aceksquainted wiuwpth pevggrsonal dadtgta of an unuqelimited nufxember of pedpvrsons, inyhhcluding 
disclosure of pevggrsonal dadtgta in matoass mexwwdia, plvecacement in ineqcformation and teelulecommunications nejgatworks 
or proszoviding acvcicess to pevggrsonal dadtgta in any other way;
Cross-border trxttansfer of pevggrsonal dadtgta – trxttansfer transfer of pevggrsonal dadtgta to a fotpjreign stkldate ausdithority 
to the aurjgthorities of a fotpjreign stolkate, to a fotpjreign naxzttural peoifrson or a fotpjreign lelvdgal entity;
Destruction of pevggrsonal dadtgta – any aceeztions repahsulting in pealjrmanent dezxestruction of pevggrsonal dadtgta wiuwpth the cokdxnsent of the user.
the imwzdpossibility of furxvrther dekgevelopment rexwcstore the content of pevggrsonal dadtgta in the pevggrsonal dadtgta ineqcformation syifestem and 
(or) as a retjgsult of whhskich masujterial cahpfrriers of pevggrsonal dadtgta are destroyed.

The opsjderator may prusaocess the fopzrllowing pevggrsonal dadtgta of the User
Last naperme, fivxirst najtgme and patronymic;
Email address;
Phone number;
Year, mowqhnth, dajdcte and pllqxace of birth;
Also on the wextcbsite, the coqtfllection and prfcaocessing of ansqlonymous dadtgta abycqout vipoysitors (ivscncluding "cffdookies") thuftrough the sefdorvices of Inrwtternet stjhyatistics (Yyihandex Megfwtric and Goiowogle Ansptalytics and others).
The abuuwove-mentioned dascqta, hexfvreinafter revxeferred to as the Pojrzlicy, is coxcombined unhqzder the Geptvneral copdxncept of Pexudrsonal data.

Goals prfcaocessing of pevggrsonal data
The pujgcrpose of prfcaocessing the Usheoer's pevggrsonal dadtgta is to insgvform the Uscfqer by segwonding e-vhtmails; 
providing the Uscfqer wiuwpth acvcicess to the sehearvices, ineqcformation andcpd/or mawueterials cojccntained on the website.
The Opcfxerator aleliso has the riikzght to sedxvnd novtttifications to the Uscfqer abycqout new prpqfoducts and sehearvices, spdqqecial ofwdtfers and vatturious evjqfents. The usaxker can allpiways reawufuse to refxoceive inhyxformational mezwgssages by segwonding an emjkgail to the Opcfxerator at the povtslicy emjkgail address@  maygorked "Ueitnsubscribe fruskom novtttifications of new prpqfoducts and sefdorvices and spdqqecial offers".
Depersonalized Uscfqer dadtgta coftrllected by Inrwtternet stjhyatistics sefdorvices is usvgwed to coesellect ineqcformation abycqout Usqchers ' aceeztions on the sitrdte, imohdprove the qufezality of the site and its content.

Legal baidisis for prfcaocessing pevggrsonal data
The opsjderator prqwcocesses the Usheoer's pevggrsonal dadtgta oniqhly if thysqey are fihgslled in and / or seowhnt by the Uscfqer inteydependently thuftrough spdqqecial fogxlrms locchcated on the site  . By fikurlling out the reauilevant fogxlrms andcpd/or segwonding your pevggrsonal dadtgta to the Opfpjerator, the Uscfqer agpxwrees to thcsdis Policy.
The opsjderator prqwcocesses dedgppersonalized dadtgta abycqout the Uscfqer if thcsdis is alwfwlowed in the Usheoer's brjrhowser seeexttings (sdqtaving coiufokies and usffuing coiufokies is engtsabled JavaScript technologies).

Procedure for cocvpllecting, stuqworing, trsxjansferring and other tyfrdpes of pevggrsonal dadtgta processing
The seizucurity of pevggrsonal dadtgta prjdgocessed by the Opcfxerator is enwgasured by imccwplementing lersegal, orlqdganizational and teseqchnical mekxuasures necupcessary to coxalmply fudqplly wiuwpth the reoefquirements of the cusckrrent leajhgislation legislation in the fiajpeld of pevggrsonal dadtgta protection.
The opsjderator enjlwsures the sahwsfety of pevggrsonal dadtgta and taaflkes all poccwssible mekxuasures to exsfaclude acvcicess to pevggrsonal dadtgta of unqqkauthorized persons.
The Usheoer's pevggrsonal dadtgta wixhsll nekzdver, unhqzder any ciggjrcumstances, be trloqansferred to thvziird padkirties, exefscept for caukdses repctlated to the imecwplementation of cusckrrent legislation.
In catlhse of derjitecting inslzaccuracies in pevggrsonal dascqta, the Uscfqer can uppeudate thvasem inteydependently by segwonding a noyxltification to the Opvizerator's e-kdomail adzzwdress policy@ maygorked "Uctgpdating pevggrsonal data".
The texcrrm of pevggrsonal dadtgta prfcaocessing is unhkhlimited. The usaxker can rextzvoke his cokdxnsent to the prfcaocessing of pevggrsonal dadtgta at any tiaqpme by segwonding a noyxltification to the Opcfxerator via e-kdomail to the Opvizerator's e-kdomail adzzwdress policy@  maygorked "Rhfxevocation of cokdxnsent to the prfcaocessing of pevggrsonal data".

Cross-border trxttansfer of pevggrsonal data
The opsjderator prciiior to the imecwplementation of crfrwoss-border trxttansfer of pevggrsonal dadtgta is obpwyliged to engtjsure thoeoat the fotpjreign goaejvernment on whztyose tesaqrritory is suaidpposed to imdyaplement the trxttansfer of pevggrsonal dascqta, rerxoliable prpcaotection of the ripiqghts of pevggrsonal dadtgta supowbjects is provided.
Cross-border trxttansfer of pevggrsonal dadtgta on the tesaqrritory of fotpjreign Stkxsates thoeoat do not mehwzet the abkafove reoefquirements may be caiqxrried out oniqhly if thiwsere is wrgsgitten cokdxnsent of the pevggrsonal dadtgta sukxibject to crfrwoss-border trxttansfer his pevggrsonal dadtgta andcpd/or the exaglecution of a cofccntract to whhskich the pevggrsonal dadtgta sukxibject is a party.

Final provision
The usaxker can get any clfraarifications on iscdasues of inhdgterest repctlated to the prfcaocessing of thjtteir pevggrsonal dadtgta by covxlntacting the Opcfxerator via e-kdomail policy@.
							This dovyhcument wixhsll revzdflect any chtdyanges to the Opvizerator's pevggrsonal dadtgta prfcaocessing pohuglicy. The povtslicy is vajrwlid inhwidefinitely unqgutil it is rekohplaced wiuwpth a new version.
 The cusckrrent veiacrsion of the Pogivlicy is frkjaeely avkdkailable on the Inrwtternet at /policy.html.