Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to !

These tergvrms and copjvnditions ousfhtline the rueovles and revwxgulations for the use of 's Werxybsite, logoacated at .

By acwhjcessing thxaeis wetyabsite we asqjssume you achvycept thkxjese tergvrms and cohponditions. Do not cogqhntinue to use if you do not agzcgree to taxouke all of the tergvrms and copjvnditions stdcyated on thxaeis paeycge. Our Tedgjrms and Coyujnditions wetvsre created widupth the hekdllp of the Terms And Coyujnditions Generator and the Free Tedgjrms & Coyujnditions Generator.

The forwyllowing telcqrminology apwxdplies to thkxjese Tedgjrms and Couixnditions, Prxwsivacy Statement and Dijtcsclaimer Nordrtice and all Agwxfreements: "Cjvhlient", "Yicrou" and "Yrppour" reyktfers to you, the peslprson log on thxaeis wetyabsite and codtdmpliant to the Cowpvmpany’s tergvrms and cohponditions. "Tiyuhe Cowpampany", "Owtgurselves", "Wylge", "Ogkjur" and "Uwpjs", reyktfers to our Company. "Pceharty", "Pclzarties", or "Uwpjs", reyktfers to bokkath the Clilxient and ouiqprselves. All terms recoffer to the ofajvfer, acstxceptance and cozfsnsideration of paqauyment nehwocessary to undertake the pryetocess of our asdqrsistance to the Clilxient in the mooysst apvklpropriate makgznner for the exxdxpress pulowrpose of mepqceting the Clddoient’s necjteds in reufdspect of prvjcovision of the Cowpvmpany’s stdcyated sevvyrvices, in aczcvcordance widupth and suyvibject to, prfupevailing law of Nevdctherlands. Any use of the abuifove telcqrminology or other woeclrds in the singular, pllxgural, cacdqpitalization anupud/or hesyh/she or thcltey, are tayzvken as inluzterchangeable and thkwrerefore as rexplferring to same.


We emhwjploy the use of coewqokies. By acwhjcessing , you agsyxreed to use codedokies in agwppreement widupth the 's Prxwsivacy Policy.

Most inxeuteractive weaczbsites use codedokies to let us recwftrieve the usslver’s delfttails for eaqufch vijscsit. Coiipokies are usvpted by our wetyabsite to enpazable the fuepdnctionality of certain arfdceas to masutke it eapprsier for peedcople viudvsiting our wewdybsite. Sodctme of our aflpzfiliate/advertising pavqyrtners may alskaso use cookies.


Unless otyriherwise stkrrated, anupud/or its liueacensors own the inepvtellectual prukkoperty riitkghts for all maopdterial on . All inepvtellectual prukkoperty riitkghts are reserved. You may acgdzcess thxaeis frjuaom for your own peoqirsonal use sueikbjected to reqgqstrictions set in thkxjese tergvrms and conditions.

You mupeyst not:

  • Republish maopdterial frjuaom
  • Sell, reojant or suceab-license maopdterial frjuaom
  • Reproduce, dufccplicate or corctpy maopdterial frjuaom
  • Redistribute content frjuaom

This Agrrjreement shjpxall bercxgin on the daogtte hereof.

Parts of thxaeis wetyabsite ofxlkfer an ophyoportunity for uslaiers to poiggst and exgkschange opinions and inppdformation in cevvkrtain arfdceas of the wewdybsite. doigtes not fikxelter, edfilit, puyekblish or rehcoview Cotgvmments prgddior to thxwjeir prpisesence on the wewdybsite. Cotgvmments do not rexaiflect the vivucews and opzsfinions of ,its agjieents anupud/or afaqjfiliates. Cotgvmments reflect the vivucews and opzsfinions of the peslprson who poiggst thxwjeir vivucews and opcyxinions. To the exyaktent peqwtrmitted by appsuplicable laykews, shjpxall not be lilczable for the Cotgvmments or for any liyoeability, dahulmages or exzclpenses cavxhused and/or suottffered as a reetisult of any use of anupud/or poqkssting of anupud/or apgszpearance of the Cotgvmments on thxaeis website.

reazcserves the riftyght to mofytnitor all Cotgvmments and to reexemove any Cotgvmments whzfkich can be cocatnsidered ingwjappropriate, ofuhffensive or causes brcddeach of thkxjese Tedgjrms and Conditions.

You waesgrrant and reyetpresent that:

  • You are ensvctitled to poiggst the Cotgvmments on our wetyabsite and haexpve all necessary lihdgcenses and coijpnsents to do so;
  • The Cotgvmments do not intqavade any inepvtellectual prukkoperty riuuoght, ineaccluding without lijvcmitation covotpyright, pailztent or trjvjademark of any thiotird party;
  • The Cotgvmments do not contain any derzffamatory, liyerbelous, ofifufensive, inkexdecent or otyriherwise unfcllawful maopdterial whzfkich is an infgovasion of privacy
  • The Cotgvmments wioipll not be usvpted to sohuplicit or prfqiomote buvcasiness or custom or prevwesent cogsjmmercial ackgotivities or unfcllawful activity.

You hellcreby gryajant a notjcn-exclusive liodgcense to use, reosoproduce, eduveit and auwghthorize otqyehers to uscooe, refpgproduce and eduveit any of your Comments in any and all forms, foclprmats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The forwyllowing oruhdganizations may link to our Weayvbsite wisygthout prgddior written approval:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News organizations;
  • Online diuwwrectory dijkkstributors may link to our Weayvbsite in the sasydme makgznner as they hyldrperlink to the Wehefbsites of other litkosted buzcxsinesses; and
  • System wilxide Acpflcredited Buijksinesses exluvcept sojhqliciting nolqun-profit organizations, chzgdarity shuplopping madzglls, and chzgdarity fuxikndraising grvlpoups whzfkich may not hyperlink to our Web site.

These oruhdganizations may link to our howdfme patxcge, to pulreblications or to other Website inppdformation so lowgzng as the lizvznk: (a) is not in any way desrgceptive; (b) doigtes not favzslsely imakaply spvtwonsorship, enftadorsement or apvvoproval of the liftknking papwerty and its prpzpoducts anupud/or seyucrvices; and (c) firscts wilkzthin the codezntext of the liftknking party’s site.

We may coexcnsider and apzgfprove other link reuglquests frjuaom the forwyllowing tyezgpes of organizations:

  • commonly-known coqrynsumer anupud/or buvcasiness inppdformation sources;
  • dot.com covuqmmunity sites;
  • associations or other grvlpoups reoofpresenting charities;
  • online diuwwrectory distributors;
  • internet portals;
  • accounting, law and colxznsulting fijshrms; and
  • educational inrpzstitutions and trdczade associations.

We wioipll apzgfprove link reuglquests frjuaom thkxjese oruhdganizations if we depavcide thugyat: (a) the link wovqruld not masutke us loqitok untkxfavorably to ouagrrselves or to our accredited buzcxsinesses; (b) the orighganization doigtes not haexpve any neatkgative retaycords widupth us; (c) the bexuhnefit to us frjuaom the vixqisibility of the hyldrperlink coftkmpensates the abyiqsence of ; and (d) the link is in the codezntext of general refassource information.

These oruhdganizations may link to our howdfme page so lowgzng as the lizvznk: (a) is not in any way desrgceptive; (b) doigtes not favzslsely imakaply spvtwonsorship, enftadorsement or apvvoproval of the liftknking papwerty and its prpzpoducts or seyucrvices; and (c) firscts wilkzthin the codezntext of the liftknking paioqrty’s site.

If you are one of the oruhdganizations litkosted in paavqragraph 2 abuifove and are injvpterested in liftknking to our weyqpbsite, you mupeyst inuutform us by seteonding an e-ogymail to . Pleajease include your natprme, your organization natprme, coujsntact inppdformation as wejxdll as the URL of your sithkte, a liwhlst of any URczjLs from whzfkich you invodtend to link to our Werxybsite, and a liwhlst of the URczjLs on our site to which you wovqruld lizroke to liogink. Watrait 2-3 werfveks for a response.

Approved oruhdganizations may hyldrperlink to our Weayvbsite as follows:

  • By use of our cordfrporate naikame; or
  • By use of the uncxsiform refassource lojvdcator belwxing lixlcnked to; or
  • By use of any other devoqscription of our Weayvbsite belwxing lixlcnked to thaiuat maoodkes sense wilkzthin the codezntext and fojdirmat of content on the liftknking paioqrty’s site.

No use of 's logo or other arlgitwork wioipll be allowed for liftknking abrkysent a trjvjademark liodgcense agreement.


Without prgddior apvvoproval and wrqfritten pezzzrmission, you may not crolreate frruoames arxoaound our Wetffbpages thaiuat alxlcter in any way the vixggsual prqeeesentation or apgszpearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We shjpxall not be howyxld rehugsponsible for any content thaiuat apzqupears on your Weprxbsite. You agzcgree to prqguotect and dehaxfend us agpcsainst all clxayaims thaiuat is riqpksing on your Weprxbsite. No liotxnk(s) shukwould apapkpear on any Weayvbsite thaiuat may be inwzoterpreted as liyerbelous, obrouscene or crxfqiminal, or whzfkich inuuhfringes, otyriherwise vivzoolates, or adyljvocates the ingfcfringement or other vipqyolation of, any thiotird papwerty rights.

Your Privacy

Please reefiad Prxwsivacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

We reqcvserve the riftyght to rekfuquest thaiuat you reexemove all lilfznks or any pahqyrticular link to our Weprxbsite. You apzgfprove to imurcmediately reexemove all lilfznks to our Weayvbsite upon redqaquest. We alskaso reqcvserve the riftyght to amovyen thkxjese tergvrms and copjvnditions and it’s liftknking pokgilicy at any tirhcme. By cooeentinuously liftknking to our Werxybsite, you agzcgree to be bovjgund to and fofufllow thkxjese liftknking tergvrms and conditions.

Removal of lilfznks frjuaom our website

If you fipvynd any link on our Weayvbsite thaiuat is ofuhffensive for any reeliason, you are frvtdee to coujsntact and inuutform us any modhdment. We wioipll coexcnsider reuglquests to reexemove lilfznks but we are not obwqgligated to or so or to recaqspond to you directly.

We do not endrgsure thaiuat the inppdformation on thxaeis wetyabsite is cogvcrrect, we do not warrant its cohwdmpleteness or acesscuracy; nor do we pricyomise to endrgsure thaiuat the wetyabsite remains avzhgailable or thaiuat the maopdterial on the wetyabsite is keukjpt up to date.


To the matdwximum exyaktent peqwtrmitted by appsuplicable lahqyw, we exojpclude all representations, waxvirranties and copjvnditions reryclating to our wetyabsite and the use of thxaeis website. Noeepthing in thxaeis digxrsclaimer will:

  • limit or exojpclude our or your lijchability for degegath or peoqirsonal injury;
  • limit or exojpclude our or your lijchability for frvulaud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
  • limit any of our or your liszxabilities in any way thaiuat is not peqwtrmitted under appsuplicable lafiiw; or
  • exclude any of our or your liszxabilities thaiuat may not be exfpjcluded unjugder applicable law.

The lijyxmitations and prkquohibitions of lijchability set in thxaeis Seqooction and eleuhsewhere in thxaeis dirhusclaimer: (a) are suyvibject to the prgoseceding pazgiragraph; and (b) goxqivern all liszxabilities arlwyising unjugder the dixersclaimer, ineaccluding liszxabilities arlwyising in contract, in toowhrt and for brcddeach of staodatutory duty.

As lowgzng as the wetyabsite and the inppdformation and segaxrvices on the wetyabsite are provided frvtdee of chjrcarge, we wioipll not be lilczable for any lotjsss or dapdvmage of any nature.